‘This is war’ will present two new tails today, one national and one international

More news in the reality show ‘This is war’. The television host and producer, Choca Mandros surprised locals and strangers by announcing that two new warriors will enter the reality competition.

This was announced during the “More shows” program that this Tuesday he led next to the singer Micheille Soifer, who was also surprised by the news.

They said, she’s not going to come back, what’s more, they gave her ‘forata’, she’s not going to come back and although she’s not a mother, it even made the news on Mother’s Day and he’s going to come back to fight for her position. The other, new, new, is an international guest, he is going to stay because he has accepted the challenge of entering ‘This is war’, he has songs that are in fashion. I won’t say which ones, but I’ve been listening to them on my playlist”, he told to the surprise of Michelille Soifer.

So today don’t miss ‘This is war’ tonight because apart from Renzo Schuller there are two entries that are presented today at 7 pm, will they be combatants or warriors? We’ll know that when we hook up tonight”, added the TV host excitedly.

As we know, Renzo Schuller joined the reality show ‘This is war’ this past Monday to the happiness of the fighters, who welcomed him with open arms.


Renzo Schuller became the new duo of Johanna San Miguel in ‘Esto es Guerra’

The war started! After the departure of María Pía Copello from the reality show ‘Esto es Guerra’, Renzo Schuller became the new duo of Johanna San Miguel in the leadership of the popular television program, he will also have to defend the colors of the ‘Combatientes’ this season for the 10 years of ‘This is War’. (Source: America TV)

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