This is unbelievable! Mushrooms also grow in November

Passionate mushroom picker Ivetta from Náchodsko boasted about the discovery of beautiful, healthy mushrooms. She found them in the Zábrodí area near the Červené Kostelka. Totally by accident! She originally only went to the forest for a short relaxing walk after returning from work. “I didn’t believe that I could find any more mushrooms there, so it was a big surprise for me,” řekla Aha!. “I cooked a full pot of white mushroom soup and there was still some left to dry,” praised Ivetta.

Mrs. Ivetta took a picture with the late catch.

Other types of mushrooms are still growing. “I also found quartzites, which I’ve never been able to do in November before,” Michal Adam boasted about his catch from Vysočina on the social network. “The best at the end of the mushroom season,” introduced Peter Smetana to his exhibition mushroom discovered in a forest in Hodonínsk. But some mushroom pickers point out that many mushrooms are already moldy.

Dream season

“As long as it doesn’t freeze a lot and the temperature stays above 10 to 15 degrees, the toadstools can still grow. After them, champignons, champignons and other very autumn mushrooms can appear.” said botanist Věra Samková from the Mycological Club at the Royal Hradec Museum. He considers this season to be extraordinary, which is due to the September rains and warm autumn. “I don’t remember as many mushrooms as there were this year,” said the mycologist.

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