"This is total nonsense": Elon Musk denies affair with wife von Freund

“This is total nonsense”
Elon Musk denies affair with friend’s wife

The dazzling Tesla boss Elon Musk rejects a media report according to which he is said to have betrayed his friend Sergey Brin. He claims on Twitter that he only saw the wife of the Google co-founder in the presence of others. Musk also provides information about his sex life in general.

Did Tesla boss Elon Musk betray his friend and Google co-founder Sergey Brin? Anyway, it had “Wall Street JournalAccording to this, Musk is said to have had a brief affair with Brin’s wife Nicole Shanahan last fall. It was announced last month that the marriage between 48-year-old Brin and his wife, who was ten years his junior, is over. One reason for the separation is said to be Musk may have been, but Musk doesn’t want to let it all sit on him.

“This is total nonsense. Sergei and I are friends and we went to a party last night!” Musk wrote on Twitter. “I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times in the presence of many other people. Nothing romantic.” In another tweet, the 51-year-old criticized that the “Wall Street Journal” had written many “bad articles” about him in the past. Musk “hadn’t had sex in years,” Musk wrote in a reply to another Twitter user.

Musk causes a stir with his activities, but also with his private life and public statements on Twitter. Most recently, the back and forth about the takeover of Twitter made headlines. At the beginning of July, Musk caused a stir because he had become a father for the ninth time – the mother of the twins, born in November 2021, works as an executive at the brain chip start-up Neuralink, a company owned by the Tesla boss, which makes things a bit spicy. Musk and singer Grimes’ second baby was also born shortly after the twins.

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