This is the video of graduate chai wali in Bihar, Bihar’s Patna went viral 2022

Video of graduate tea seller of Bihar went viral Hello friends, welcome to all of you, in this article of ours, today through this page, we are going to provide information to all of you about a graduate tea seller living in Patna, Bihar, whose video is going viral. What happened with Chai Wali, why is the video of Chai Wali going viral? If you want to get information about this news, then our friends should stay connected till the end of this page. graduate chai wali graduate chai wali news patna chaiwali viral video patna chaiwali shop news patna chaiwali viral news

For the last one or two days, the video of Chai Wali is going on continuously. In this viral video, the Chai Wali is seen crying. Expressing his sorrow, he said that you all must know me, Graduate Chai Wali, so called Graduate Chai Wali; That we were doing something different in Bihar, that’s why all of you were supporting us.

Priyanka Gupta’s company is getting closed!

Priyanka, popularly known as Graduate Chaiwala, said when I felt that permission has been received from the commissioner sir that we can set up our counter there for a few days, then how our counter is taken away from there again and again without giving any information. We are going to return the money of the people from whom the franchise was taken. Going to close the company, now we are going back home, crying badly, Priyanka said, thank you Municipal Corporation, thank you system people of Bihar have shown me your status, be a girl, stay at home, there is no need to go out and do anything. Because this is Bihar.

patna chaiwali viral video

My status is limited to the kitchen only!

Priyanka Gupta further said that a lot of work is done here in Patna, a lot of work is done illegally, liquor is sent here illegally, but the system is not active there, but if a girl is doing her business, she has to repeat it again and again. We are being harassed, hot, forgot our status, our status is only up to the kitchen, cooking stove, getting married, going to our home, doing business is not the right of us girls, all these big things have been revealed by Priyanka Gupta.

What is the name of the graduate tea girl?

A tea seller living in Bihar’s Patna, whose video is going viral overnight, who is this tea seller, whose video has gone viral overnight, if you also want to know everything about graduate tea seller, then you can read till the end of this page. Stay tuned, through this page of ours, we are going to provide all the information about the graduate tea seller to all of you.

Economics graduate Priyanka Gupta came into limelight when she started her chai shop near Patna Women’s College. Priyanka completed her graduation in just 2 years, year 2019. After that he made up his mind to do his own business, after which he decided to open a tea stall. Priyanka is a resident of Purnia in Bihar and has graduated in economics from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Banarasi.

The tea seller made the disclosure by crying!

Graduate Tea seller Priyanka Gupta further said that a lot of work is done here in Patna and a lot of illegal work is also done here, no action is taken in Patna and illegal work is done here in a legal way but The system is not active there, but if a girl wants to do her work, then she is being harassed. In this society, women are not given the right to do anything.

graduate chai wali news

said that when I got permission from the commissioner of Municipal Corporation sir that we can put the cut there for a few days, without informing how my cut is removed again and again, from there we gave up in front of the system. has booked my franchisee, we are going to return their money, we are going to close the company, and now we are going back to our home.

Earlier also the municipal corporation had removed the handcart!

Patna’s Graduate Chaiwali Priyanka had removed the stall even before the Municipal Corporation, after which Priyanka Gupta met RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and pleaded for help. After meeting Lalu, the corporation officials returned Priyanka her stall. Had given.

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(FAQs)? Graduate Chai Wali of Bihar

Why did Priyanka’s crying video go viral?

Ans After removing the cart of Graduate Chaiwali, on Priyanka Gupta Road, her crying video is going viral on social media, in this she is saying that if the stall is to be removed, then give her a permanent place so that she can run her shop.

✅ Graduate tea seller met Lalu?

Ans Annoyed by the administration’s action, Priyanka reached RJD supremo Lalu Yadav’s residence to meet him. After meeting Lalu, she pleaded for help. RJD supremo threatened Priyanka that she would talk about it

✅ If you don’t get a job, then do someone else’s work?

Ans Graduate Chaiwali was very upset due to not getting a job, then she made up her mind to start her own business and now she has become quite famous in Patna, Bihar by the name of Graduate Chaiwali.

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