This is the shock for Raf by viewing the CCTV images of his restaurant in Nieuwpoort: “People are no longer ashamed of anything”

Raf De Bruyne, 55, manager of the fish restaurant “De Heven” in Nieuwpoort, Flanders, expressed his anger by sharing a video of a customer caught stealing from his establishment.

On the CCTV footage, we can see the client, a man in his sixties, stealing… a pepper mill! “Thefts have become commonplace”, testifies the manager in the columns of the Nieuwsblad. “People aren’t ashamed of anything anymore. I definitely caught two thieves in my business. A pepper mill, tealight candles, toilet paper, cutlery…”, adds Raf.

The manager of the restaurant located on the Belgian coast explains that it is a couple in their sixties, who came to eat “for dinner”. “Good food, good bottle of wine. They paid 127 euros with a smile and still thanked me. Later it turned out that at another table the pepper mill was missing. They are from the Peugeot brand and cost around 35 euros, ”says Raf again.

He explains: “In the pictures you can see how the man goes to the toilet and when he comes back grabs the pepper mill and puts it in his pocket. Without shame. Even his wife seems to think it’s perfectly normal.

Furious, Raf did not hesitate to share the images on Facebook. “I immediately received reactions from people who said that I was violating their privacy. But it is clear in my case that there are cameras. In addition, these people were seated at a table directly under a camera. They knew very well that they were being filmed,” adds the manager. “I don’t care if they’re on Facebook. A thief deprives himself of the right to privacy, I think. I hope, however, that they will recognize themselves and come back ashamed to compensate for the disadvantage,” adds Raf.

The video is available here.

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