This is the series with the best ending of all time


In a context in which series and movies are increasingly judged by how they end, there is one produced by HBO that stands out for its perfection.

The series is over 20 years old.
© IMDbThe series is over 20 years old.

Productions such as The Sopranos, breaking bad, Mad Men Y lost, to mention a few of them. Many times, the analyzes have to do with the sensations transmitted by characters as complex as the Tony Soprano, the Don Drapers and the Walter Whites. The journey given by all these fictions made them indelible marks in the history of television.

But in a context increasingly crossed by analyzes reduced to how these series end (there are still people who question lost for how it ends and does not recognize it for the six seasons it delivered), there is a fiction that is located at the top in terms of endings. Is about Six Feet Underthe fiction issued by HBO between 2001 and 2005, which had a total of five seasons.

The story of Six Feet Under focuses on the fisher family, who historically worked in the world of funeral homes. The unexpected death of the patriarch Nathaniel Fisher in a car accident (ironically, driving a hearse) disrupts the routine of the rest of the family and gives them the final push towards the search for the meaning of life. In each episode we see a death and a wake that takes place in the house of the Fisherswhich somehow influences the psyche of the three children of Nathaniel and his widow, Ruth.

If there is something that managed to establish wonderfully Six Feet Under this was the narrative arc of each of the main characters: the problems of Nate to become a responsible adult and new family leader; the complex world of David and his insecurities crossed by his homosexuality; the uncertainty of claire added to the pressure of having to know who you want and should be in your life; and the freedom of Ruthwho was married from a very young age and dedicated her life to Nathaniel. Far from spoiling in case you haven’t given the series a chance yet, we must highlight the great success of Allan Ballthe creator of Six Feet Underto put an end to the story with an emotional epilogue that showed us what happened to each character after the final scene.

+ Is a reboot of Six Feet Under coming?

Although, as stated, Six Feet Under has a round closing, at the end of 2021 dead line reported the possibility of a reboot of the series. The page published a news in which it was told that HBO had approved the presentation of a first script with a view to producing a pilot. The most important thing to highlight in a project that is just in its genesis was the appearance of Allan Ball as executive producer. Would you like to see a sequel?

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