This is the most successful series of the year so far

The Squid Game changed the rules of the game (worth the redundancy) to Netflix. After the massive reception that the show created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the company commanded by Ted Sarandos decided to change the way they would measure ratings and how they would share that information. They would no longer talk about users who saw a show or movie but about how many minutes of a production were played. This, of course, is a milestone.

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But if we have to talk about a series that achieved something completely unexpected and was installed among the best of the year, that production is The White Lotus. Created by Mike White, the story centers on a luxury hotel located in Hawaii to which the most powerful families in the United States are going to vacation. There you can see the miseries within the wealth, with people crossed by hypocrisy with bonds as fragile as they are superficial.

The show was created to occupy a space that HBO Max needed to fill. In an interview with Spoiler, Jon Gries, one of the actors in the production, said that the signal sought a creative mind that could write a story as quickly as possible, which could also be recorded in a context as complex as that of the pandemic. Thus, it appeared White With his idea, he convinced the managers and got the funds to move to a hotel in Hawaii to shoot this fiction.

The White Lotus received 88% approval from critics in Rotten Tomatoes (77% of viewers) and was widely celebrated for its dark humor. Thus, he demonstrated to those responsible for HBO Max They had a great product on their hands and immediately ordered a second season that is already on the way.

Why did people see so much The White Lotus

The White Lotus managed to sneak into the most talked about productions of the year and was widely seen throughout the world. People like to see how the upper class lives, with a lot of purchasing power. For Jon Gries, on the contrary, it is something that “Bewilders” and does not understand why productions like Keeping up with the Kardashians they are so seen. “In this case, in a satire. I think it’s fun to be like a fly on the wall watching them. They have one disaster after another, nothing to complain about, but their lives are horrible. “said about the series of HBO Max.

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