This is the most beautiful Tatra!

According to curator Radim Zátopek (53), there was the greatest tension in the museum when cars began to load here. But in the end, everything went smoothly. “We did not expect such a smooth course,” said Aha !. “It simply came to our notice then. Our eyes stung, we couldn’t breathe, “he said, adding that some cars started without any problems, even though they had been standing for 30 years.

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The curator’s heart is the Tatra 138 S3 from 1959. “Historically the most beautiful car. For the first time, artistic designers worked on it. It used to be more of a look at the design, which is why the old one is so nice, “added Radim, who is said to prefer the old and abraded Tatras. There was a long way to go to open the museum. The project of the Museum of Science and Technology with study rooms was created in 2010. “At that time, a subsidy of 401 million crowns was sought, which Dolní Vítkovice eventually received,” said the curator. The plans were dusted off again in 2016. Until then, the building of the former factory fell into disrepair. “When the museum began to be built, it was exposed to the skeleton,” Radim Zátopek added.

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