This is the millionaire figure that Kevin Spacey will have to pay to the production of House of Cards

In case of Kevin Spacey has no end: in October 2017, the actor of House of Cards was denounced by sexual abuse and since then the scandal has not stopped for an instant. By then, Netflix canceled all engagements with the celebrity and said goodbye to the hit series. After lose the legal battle against the production company MCR, you will have to pay a millionaire figure by way of compensation.

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It all started amid accusations of producer abuse Harvey Weinstein. It was in this context that another actor was encouraged to raise his voice and tell that at one of the parties organized by Spacey, he had been abused while still a minor. Quickly, the protagonist of House of Cards he apologized and defended himself clarifying that “I did not recall behaving inappropriately “, at the same time that he told the world about his homosexuality.

However, what the survivor of sexual abuse declared, opened the door for a few actors to be encouraged to tell the way in which Kevin Spacey had violated their rights. In this way, the streaming giant suspended the projects together, while the actor was admitted to The Meadows clinic to treat his sex addiction. Two years later, the trial began and the investigations lasted for several months.

The producer of House of Cards denounced him for breach of contract and serious losses due to his dismissal. For this reason, according to Variety, the interpreter will have to pay a fine of 31 million dollars for violating company policy during filming. It is that not only did they have to remove their character, but they were also forced to completely redo the script that was prepared for the sixth season.

Oscar winner, recognized around the world and with very interesting characters, Kevin Spacey has already left an indelible mark on his career. It is that this legal battle, in addition to being a before and after in his career, means a huge economic blow: not only will he have to pay for the damages, but he will also have to cover the hattorney fees and costs during all this time.

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