This is the Doctor Strange movie released more than 40 years ago


Doctor Strange gained great popularity from his participation in the MCU but surely you did not know his previous entry in the cinema. Pay attention!

Doctor Strange
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came to Disney+ and the popularity of the Master of the Mystic Arts is at its peak. The film was a success in its passage through world cinemas in addition to having a solid reception from specialized critics, with 74% acceptance in Rotten Tomatoes from the media and an impressive 85% from the general public. Do you think you know everything about this character?

You will surely be surprised to know that the version of benedict cumberbatch It’s not the first time Doctor Strange arrives at the cinema In 1978, Philip DeGuere he wrote and directed a hero film that was intended to be the pilot for a TV show that never got past the project stage. Stan Leethe icon of Marvelwas a major consultant for the film.

Long before the MCU


On this occasion, the Sorcerer Supreme, Thomas Lindmer, together with his disciple Wong contact the psychiatrist Stephen Strange who has the potential to be the new mystical protector of the Earth and face, in this way, the witch Morgan le Fay who has marked the young Clea Lake as part of a dark plan that only the most powerful magic can stop.

This argument is very far from the one presented by the film recently released in Disney+where Stephen Strange travels through the multiverse Together with América Chávez to prevent Scarlet Witch from stealing the young woman’s powers and becoming an even bigger threat than she already is. Not even the combined strength of the illuminati can stop Wanda Maximoff and her desire to be reunited with her children by putting all of reality in check.

The 1978 film starred Peter Hooten as Doctor Strange, Clyde Kusatsu as Wong, Jessica Walter as Morgan le Fay, Eddie Benton as Clea Lake, Phillip Sterling as Dr. Frank Taylor, and John Mills as Thomas Lindmer. We are talking about a period far removed from the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe when superhero movies were just coming back to the center of the scene and they didn’t have the technical or script quality that they show today.

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