This is the crown of Napoleon Bonaparte: The Turnov Museum exhibits its replica

The replica of the imperial crown was made to order for a private collector. Jeweler Jiří Urban worked on its production for about a year and a half. “As with any similar work, you have to start with a detailed drawing of details, or making a proportional model, clarifying work procedures and securing the necessary material,” he describes his procedure.

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The basis of photography

The creation of the crown was based mainly on photographs of the original exhibited by the French Museum in the Louvre in Paris. The replica measures 23 centimeters high, has a diameter of 18.5 centimeters and is decorated with forty engravings in the stones. These are spread out in four rows on eight semi-arches forming a domed vault topped by a sphere with a cross at the top. The arches are based on eight plant motifs of a low metal-tipped crown, alternating with a circular decorative element. The stones depict both mythical ancient Greek figures, such as the goddess of wisdom and war Athena, and Christian ones, such as the Archangel Michael.

Wreath and then crown

Napoleon Bonaparte had the original made for his coronation in 1804, and during the ceremony itself he first placed a golden laurel wreath on his head and only then put on a new crown. It is a loose imitation of the crown of Charlemagne, which was destroyed during the Great French Revolution.

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