This is the best Netflix crime series of all time

The streaming service Netflix It has multiple titles within its content library, which are divided into various genres. The police They tend to be subscriber favorites, since their plots are full of mystery, unsolved crimes, serial killers or great investigations to find a criminal, which is why television shows have taken these characteristics to create great projects.

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In the memory of fans are important fictions as they were X-Files, True Detective, The Wire, Prison Break and 24, but here we will focus on the most outstanding show that the platform has given since its inception. Following these qualities and adding to the popularity it has obtained in recent years, there is no doubt that Netflix’s main crime series is Mindhunter.

This show premiered in 2017 is based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. “In the late 1970s, two FBI agents meet with jailed murderers and rapists to develop psychological profiles of criminals, but their bosses fear they are getting too involved with their interviewees.”says its official synopsis.

It currently has two installments, but unfortunately for fans there is still no news of a new batch of episodes and they have been waiting for the announcement for more than two years. Fincher has made reference to this stating that it was a really expensive program for the level of audience it hadthough the hope is that Netflix has never communicated a cancellation.

The truth is that the filmmaker currently maintains an exclusive contract with the platform for future productions and it is believed that a third of Mindhunter it may be one of them. Meanwhile, fans await the news, as does one of its directors, Asif Kapadia, who assured that audiences should let Netflix know they want more from the series. Will it come at some point?

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