This is how you see Adam Sandler far too rarely: Watch his new acclaimed film now on Netflix

“Hustle” could have a decisive influence on Adam Sandler’s future career. Because in it we can see him again from his best acting side.

It is actually not surprising that Adam Sandler’s best films of recent years are all serious films from the drama and thriller genre: “The Meyerowitz Stories” and especially “The Black Diamond” showed the comedian in roles that he only too rarely obtained. In both films he embodies a failed existence, personalities who are not without a certain talent, but who either did not fulfill their possibilities or were prevented from doing so – through their own fault or not.

The fact that the 55-year-old did not receive an Oscar nomination for his performance in “The Black Diamond” was seen by many as a big mistake. And as if he really wanted to show the people in charge at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, his next Netflix film will also be a drama. In “Hustle,” which you can stream now on Netflix, he proves once again that he can do more than just jokes and write comedy songs, as the following trailer shows:

Adam Sandler plays Philadelphia 76ers scout Stanley Sugerman in Hustle. He has spent his entire life traveling across the world to find talent for the basketball club in the world’s premier basketball league, the NBA. But his biggest dream is to be able to work as a coach. He sacrifices everything for this – including his private life with his wife and child. In Spain he then encounters the exceptional talent Bo Cruz (NBA player Juancho Hernangómez), but his boss (Ben Foster) puts obstacles in their way. Will they still make it?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Sandler even compared the film to the cult hit “Rocky”, which made Sylvester Stallone a star:

“It’s pretty much a ‘Rocky’ story where I’m not Mickey. There will never be another Mickey. But I like being that guy, talking to a young man and inspiring him.”

In addition to Sandler and Ben Foster, director Jeremiah Zagar’s drama also stars Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah, David Hammond and Jaleel White (Steve Urkel from All Under One Roof). And you should definitely check it out if the critics are to be believed. On the review page Rotten Tomatoes Finally, “Hustle” gets a staggering 92% positive reviews. So if that’s not a recommendation…

It has to be said that Sandler should consider more serious roles. You can see more comedians in serious roles in our video.

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Adam Sandler is more than just a comedian

Yes, Adam Sandler’s career began in stand-up comedy and comedies. His breakthrough came in 1995 with the comedy Billy Madison. His star status was cemented shortly thereafter with “Happy Gilmore – A Champ to Love”. No wonder Sandler named his own production company Happy Madison Productions.

Because Sandler’s comedies were long the most successful, his few attempts to prove himself in other genres also fell short. Early in his career, Sandler had his best role to date in the tragic comedy Punch-Drunk Love as mile-earning businessman Barry Egan, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It was here that his true acting talent first shone through. But it would be several years before Sandler ventured back onto the acting field after a few hard comedy flops.

In the meantime he seems to have found a good balance between drama and comedy: After “Hustle” fans can look forward to the comedy sequel “Murder Mystery 2” with Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. He also directed the sci-fi drama Spaceman with Paul Dano (Riddler from The Batman).

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