This is how Vanessa Mai and mother-in-law Andrea Berg understand each other

How do Vanessa Mai (30) and Andrea Berg (56) get along? It’s been 15 years Andrea With Ulrich “Uli” Ferber married. The entrepreneur brought his son Andrew with in the relationship. married in 2017 Andrew the singer Vanessa Mai – and did with it Andrea Berg to her stepmother-in-law. Rumors circulate again and again that there should be Zoff between the two. Now the two women unpacked about their relationship!

vanessa and Andrea live in Kleinaspach in Baden-Württemberg just a few minutes away from each other. They often see each other to eat together or do other activities, they said in an interview RTL. The two didn’t have such a relaxed relationship from the start, there was vanessa to. When they first met, they had to warm up to each other. “For me, there was primarily a superstar. For me, there was sitting Andrea Berg. There was, of course, a certain reverence.”the 30-year-old reflected on her thoughts at the time.

At that moment, the most important thing to her was to be accepted by her husband’s family. Andrea made her feel right away that she was welcome. Today the two artists have a very special relationship with each other. “There is never a situation where we say we fell for each other”said vanessa. They even recorded a single together called “Infinite”.

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Andrea Berg with her husband Ulrich Ferber at Christmas 2020
Vanessa Mai and her husband Andreas Ferber in June 2021
Vanessa Mai in Hamburg

Would you have thought that Vanessa and Andrea get along so well?

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