This is how Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix reacted to their father’s blood clot

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It is almost two years ago that Prince Joachim was very suddenly hospitalized with a blood clot in his brain.

A big shock for his two eldest sons, 22-year-old Prince Nikolai and 19-year-old Prince Felix, whom he has with Countess Alexandra.

They tell about it in a big double interview with Picturemagazine.

“Of course one would have liked to have been there to help, but I’m glad we were spared such a horrible experience,” says Prince Nikolai.

The blood clot happened the same day the two princes had said goodbye to their father, with whom they had been on holiday.

Prince Joachim was talking to his cousin when Princess Marie suddenly became aware that her husband was talking incoherently and that his face was paralyzed on the left side.

She sounded the alarm, and Prince Joachim was admitted to the University Hospital of Toulouse, France, where he underwent a successful operation.

Throughout his stay in the hospital, he had Princess Marie by his side.

When it happened during the corona pandemic, Prince Joachim had to have only one visitor, and Prince Felix does not think he could be in better hands than Princess Marie.

“We called every day and got a status on his health. I do not think there was that much that one thought about. The world stood still in one sense or another, “explains Prince Nikolai.

They relied on their mother, Countess Alexandra, who also relied on her two sons in the difficult situation.

As mentioned, however, Prince Joachim recovered quickly and, according to his sons, he is feeling better than ever.

There has been more exercise on the schedule, where each day starts with a long walk.

Prince Joachim handles the position of defense attaché in Paris on a daily basis. It was in connection with this job start that he first spoke after his blood clot.

“I have been full of zeal to get started quietly and of course on the doctor’s advice. (I look forward, ed.) To completing what a whole year of very intense studies – a whole year in Paris – will culminate in. It’s exciting. It’s challenging, ”said 53-year-old Prince Joachim.

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