This is how it works with Jimi Blue: is Yeliz Koc actually single?

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That’s how it works with Jimi Blue
Is Yeliz Koc actually single?

At the beginning of October, Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht become parents for the first time. At this point the two are already separated. Nevertheless, they have seen each other frequently since their daughter was born. Now the 28-year-old reveals how her relationship status is doing.

A month and a half ago, Yeliz Koc became a mother for the first time. Even before their daughter Snow Elanie was born, it became known that she and child father Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht had separated. But then the actor and restaurateur is present at the birth and has always been there for mother and child since then. Accordingly, rumors of a possible love comeback of the couple arise. On Instagram, Yeliz Koc is now informing her followers about the status quo of her love life.

In a question-and-answer session in her story, she responded to the question about her relationship status as follows: “Better single than taken, for granted”. The 28-year-old could hardly express more clearly that she and Ochsenknecht are not together again. Apparently, the former “Bachelor” candidate prefers to concentrate fully on her mother role.

Second child possible

Without a suitable partner by her side, her wish for another baby will probably not come true for the time being. And that persists, although Koc did not go through a particularly pleasant pregnancy, but she suffered from extreme nausea for a long time. But that seems to have been forgotten by now. Also on Instagram, she recently revealed: “I definitely want to try again at some point and have another child. So then I’ll choose this pregnancy again.”

By the way, she put on a lot of weight on her. Koc weighed 80 kilograms shortly before the birth, 21 kilograms more than before the pregnancy, she told her fans. But just four weeks after giving birth, she was clearly slimmer again. However, she makes no secret of the fact that, besides daughter Snow Elanie, there is still something left from the pregnancy, namely the stretch marks. At the request of her fans, she even took a photo of it and uploaded it openly and honestly to her Instagram story.

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