This French Tiktokeuse highlights the hypertrophy of the hymen. What is it about ?

Félicie has recently stood out thanks to a series of posts and others on social networks, in which she wishes to raise awareness among women about hymenal hypertrophya malformation of the hymen (the membrane that separates the vagina from the vulva).

What is hymenal hypertrophy?

Hymenal hypertrophy refers to a malformation of the hymen, which becomes too thick and “blocks” the entrance to the vagina. Depending on the thickness of this membrane, hymenal hypertrophy can go so far as to prevent menstruation from flowing. It also makes it impossible – or extremely painful – any penetration (during sexual intercourse or to insert a tampon or a menstrual cup, for example). Abdominal pain is usually the basis of the diagnosis.

In a long thread Twitter, the 19-year-old explains that a pediatrician diagnosed her with this particularity at the age of 4 or 5 years. “I did not have surgery at that time,” she says. She did not look into the matter again until a few years later, when her first period arrived. “I remembered this problem that I had had, but of which I had no idea of ​​the origin. […] I started to do research and I never came across anything that talked about this“, she regrets. It is finally on TikTok that she began to find answers.

Hymenotomy, a benign and life-saving operation

Criticized for her frankness on social networks, the young woman defends herself: “I’m talking about it because It’s madness that we are so little informed on this subject when there are plenty of people who have it!”. And to add: “I can tell you that it’s awfully painful to just try to put on just a tampon! And it annoys me that absolutely no one talks about it, to the point that girls who are concerned without knowing it force themselves when they have sex by telling themselves that it’s normal to have pain the first time…”

After much research, Félicie therefore decided to take the plunge by consulting: “I decided to consult a gynecologist who confirmed to me that my hymen was a brick and that I had to operate”, she announced to her followers. And to indicate, the day before her operation: “There, tomorrow, we take scissors and we cut my t*uch”. the said action, a hymenotomy, indeed consisted in taking a piece of her hymen to enlarge her vaginal orifice.

If you think you may be affected, do not hesitate to consult. It’s not something serious, it can be resolved very easily, concludes Félicie, who hopes to help many women.

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