This essay by Anitta and Bruna Marquezine anticipates the trends that will be on your feet in Summer 2023

the friendship of Anita and Bruna Marquezine was resumed in great style: references in the fashion scene and with international careers on the rise, the two starred in the campaign High summer by Brizza Arezzo.

With the beachy climate that the hottest season of the year promises, the test was held at Clube Costa Brava, Rio de Janeiro, and came full of trends for the feet. Want to find out what they are?

– Gladiator crawls

Gladiators are one of the most controversial trends of the 2000s: they gained new momentum with the return of the Y2K aesthetic and, for the summer 2023, should conquer their feet in more minimalist versions. Bet on models that combine thin straps with low and medium heels.

– Barbiecore conquers the feet

The catwalks proved that Barbiecore will go all out on hot days. On the feet, they can be responsible for being the color point of a neutral monochrome look or enter the color blocking with fun clothes.

– Clogs win for their practicality

Another shoe that you will see multiplying in looks and on the shelves is the tamaco🇧🇷 In slide or toe versions, like flip flops, they transition easily between more formal productions – linen and tailoring pieces, for example.

– Crochet may appear on the shoes

In the campaign, Anitta and Bruna Marquezine came up with sandals that had fiber crochet insoles, proving that this handmade technique is also full of style on the feet. To give it a more artisan look, another tip is to invest in sandals that bring natural straw🇧🇷

– Neon gives the essential summer glow

At neon shades of pink, yellow, orange also appeared in the star photos by the artists. The fluorescent enhances the tan and guarantees that authentic something to any production. In the gallery, you can check out more photos of this and other trends to get inspired!

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