This defies all imagination: hard core Charleroi strikes match against KV Mechelen with a lead for its own team

An eventful evening in Charleroi, where the hard core showed its worst side. KV Mechelen will not care: that will get three points, while sportingly it did not look like it was going to take it.

The evening got underway without the focus on football, because the kick-off had only just been taken when misbehavior from Charleroi’s hard core already paralyzed things. That happened twice and the second time the players were sent inside for more than ten minutes. You can read all about the original supporters protest at Charleroi HERE.

At the second resumption, the home players came out of the dressing rooms with a lot of panache. With a quick changeover there was a lot of space. Ilaimaharitra played wide to Gholizadeh, who should have done better with his finishing. The Iranian gave Coucke the chance to save. The goalkeeper also did that when Tchatchoua was guided through his defense: the KV keeper tapped the shot over.

Goal Benbouali does not appease the fans

As the most dangerous team, Charleroi did receive wages for work. Benbouali hit a cross from Zorgane from inside the box: 1-0. Everything is in peace and quiet again in the Black Country, you would think. Nothing could be further from the truth: the hard core still threw a flare on the field, while their own team was ahead. No possible victory for Charleroi. However, it will be a flat victory for Malinwa.

The fans of the Carolo’s in the other sections were also not pleased with the behavior of the hard core behind goal. There was some shouting back and forth, but that doesn’t change the fact that three points were just thrown away. The crisis reaches an absolute low point in Charleroi. To Mehdi Bayat and Felice Mazzù to find a way to get through this.


Charleroi fans
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