This Brit hears again after five years of near deafness

A Royal Navy veteran thought he was going deaf from his career in the air force, or from an old rugby injury. It is not so. The ENT who examined the Briton warns people who would encounter the same problem as him.

As he gradually lost his hearing, Wallace Lee bought an endoscope that allowed him to see that a tiny object was stuck in his ear. He immediately recalled his trip to Australia five years ago. Before boarding the plane, he and his wife had purchased special earplugs used in aviation to filter out unwanted noise. It was during this trip that Wallace Lee’s hearing began to deteriorate. Despite several attempts to dislodge the foreign body from his ear, he never succeeded.

Wallace eventually consulted an ENT who managed to dislodge the piece of plastic from the Briton’s ear. “I was able to hear everything going on in the room again. It’s as if the fog in my head that had settled years ago has dissipated. Now I can hear perfectly well,” the Royal Navy veteran told the BBC.

The Briton’s misadventure may seem anecdotal, yet it is an important warning. The otolaryngologist who examined Wallace recalls how dangerous it can be to try to remove an object stuck in your ear yourself. Manipulations in the ear canal, when not performed by a professional, can push the unwanted object further and cause serious infections.

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