This beloved club member exposes the PSG problem

The Paris SG season ends without any real challenge, and without any passion. Quite terrible to live for Michel Montana.

The players can no longer win a match and the title of champion of France was the last objective accomplished without joy, the supporters having decided to boycott the festivities. A very sad end to the season since the elimination in the Champions League. This depresses even more Michel Montana, the historic speaker of Paris SG. The latter was not at the Parc des Princes for last weekend’s match against Troyes, missing his first Ligue 1 meeting since 1998. The fault of an injury contracted in tennis, a ruptured Achilles tendon all the same . And if the emblematic PSG announcer has received messages of support from supporters, who have even unfurled a banner for him, this situation where the public no longer follows the team necessarily bothers him.

We all want to find the Park as we know it. That’s what I’m calling for, I’m not going to say for the last game, but in any case for the start of next season. And then in fact why not? Maybe there will be a form of sacred union for the last of the season when we know that some players will leave. And then it’s still a tenth title! “Launched in the columns of Parisian Michel Montana, highly respected among supporters and within the club.

The problem is in the head

He also allowed himself to give his own explanation for the Parisian fiasco, especially in Madrid. And no surprise, the problem does not come from the level of the players, but from the mentality. “ Before becoming a speaker, I was a supporter, so of course I was disappointed. Without being a great connoisseur, for me, it’s more in the head, it’s on the mental level. I don’t spit on everyone because we still have incredible players. Afterwards, whether the mayonnaise sets or not, it’s not my role to say what to do “, delivered the emblematic speaker of Paris SG, who, like many supporters, hopes for good news in the Kylian Mbappé file to spend a summer with better prospects for the future.

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