Thirteen ‘suspected offenders’ killed by police, eight dead in Mexican bar attack

In addition, eight people also died in the attack on a bar by armed men

“Ten men and three women died” Thursday during a clash with police in the state of San Luis Potosi, said the regional prosecutor’s office. The police stormed after the discovery of the body of a policeman and his wife, kidnapped and then killed by a “criminal group” operating in the region and which is linked to the criminal organization Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels. Four people were also arrested and made available to the prosecution, added the latter.

The alleged offenders “would be involved in the latest violent events in the area”, added the prosecution. On June 10, the bodies of seven unidentified men were abandoned in a locality in the same state, the prosecution had announced.

In the neighboring state of Guanajuato, eight people were shot dead and five others injured in an attack on a speakeasy on Friday, local authorities reported.

On Wednesday, a journalist and two other people died in the armed robbery of a bar in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz.

San Luis Potosi, home to General Motors and BMW factories, and Guanajuato are two industrial states.

Guanajuato has become one of the most violent states among Mexico’s 32, due to the rivalry between two cartels: Santa Rosa de Lima and Jalisco New Generation. In the first half, Guanajuato was the most violent state in the country, with 1,259 homicides.

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