thieves excavated mandir for treasury: treasury is buried in temple, thieves excavated for five hours in gwalior, if nothing is found, then took five thousand from priest took five thousand of the priest


  • Theft in Kali Mata temple located in Tighara police station area of ​​Gwalior
  • The thieves had got information about the treasure being buried inside the temple.
  • Thieves excavated for five hours in Kali Mata temple
  • Gwalior SP said that the police is investigating after registering a case

A strange case has come to light from Gwalior district of MP. In the Tighra area, some miscreants have excavated (Thieves Excavated Mandir For Treasury) in the Kali Mata temple in the greed of treasure. The miscreants of two priests present in the temple tied their hands and feet and started digging. The miscreants slowly dug the entire temple, when they understood that the treasure would not be found here, they took away ₹ 5000 from the priest.

On information about the theft in the temple, the police reached the spot and registered a case of robbery. In fact, last night, the priest Kaptan Bhagat and Munshi Bhagat were sleeping in the Kali Mata temple coming in the Tighara area. Suddenly he heard a voice and got up and saw it. The priest saw that some miscreants had entered inside the temple. The miscreants took the priests hostage as soon as they entered the temple and started digging in the greed of the treasure.

digging for five hours

The miscreants have excavated the temple premises for about five hours. During this, a pile of mud has accumulated there. When the miscreants felt that there was nothing in the temple, they left with five hundred rupees from the pocket of the priest. In the morning, the people of the village did not hear the sound of worship in the temple, so they felt that something was wrong. After that people went to the temple and saw.

After reaching the temple, the people of the village got information about the theft incident. When I went inside I saw the priests’ hands and feet were tied. The people of the village freed the priests and informed the entire incident to the Tighara police station. Tighara police station is searching for the miscreants.

Gwalior SP Amit Sanghi said that an FIR has been registered as per the report of the priest. Controversy is also going on regarding the temple. Theft has come to light. The police is investigating the matter. The search for the accused is on. He has not been identified.

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