Thieves entered clothes shop in Khalwa wear new cloths and left old cloths

Khalwa, Khandwa. On Friday night, unidentified thieves stole clothes and cash worth thousands of rupees by lifting the tin of a grocery, electronic and readymade garment shop at Khalwa Nagar’s Bazaar Chowk and Khar Road intersection. In the shop of Ritesh’s father Dinesh Manik, located in the Panchayati Market located in Yogesh Kirana, Jain Inter-Prizes and Saraswati Shishu Bal Mandir courtyard, unidentified thieves broke into the shop by lifting the tin from behind. Grocery cash kept in the shop, cash readymade paint condition from electronic shop, took T-shirt as well as cash. Even before this, in a grocery shop in the same market, unidentified thieves stole groceries worth thousands of rupees by lifting the roof tin on the night of 20 February.

After which the thieves have not even been found till date. The thieves who entered the readymade garment shop on Saturday left the old clothes and wore new clothes, while the old clothes were left behind the shop. Khalwa Police has registered a case of theft on the complaint of the three shopkeepers and has taken it under investigation. Along with this, the old clothes of unknown thieves have also been taken in the seizure. At the same time, the CCTV cameras installed in the shops are also searching for the thieves. News Updating…

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