Thierry Ardisson “hyper worried” for the safety of Laurent Ruquier in Qatar

world CupInvited in “C à vous” alongside Thierry Ardisson to promote the show “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”, Laurent Ruquier clearly indicated his desire to go to Qatar to attend the 2022 World Cup , and this, despite the various controversies surrounding the sporting event. For his part, Thierry Ardisson believes that this is not a good idea and says he is particularly worried about the safety of the host. “I wouldn’t like him to die,” he said on France 5.

This Tuesday, November 15, Laurent Ruquier and Thierry Ardisson were invited to “C à vous” on France 5 to promote their new show “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”. Among the topics discussed during the discussion: the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. While many people and organizations are calling for a boycott of the competition, in particular because of the non-respect of human rights and the ecological aberration that this event represents, Laurent Ruquier will watch the matches of the Blues in Qatar. The host even says he is ready to go there if the France team reaches the quarter-finals.

“There are always political scandals, often extra-sporting, it must be said, but that’s also the point of a football World Cup. From Sunday, everyone will watch the matches and forget what happened before”, assured Ruquier on the set of “C à vous” this Tuesday. According to him, it is now too late to rebel: “What happens in Qatar is up to the country. It was not necessary to give them the organization (in 2010, editor’s note). Now that’s it, place for sport, I want to say.

The concern of Thierry Ardisson

If Laurent Ruquier did not go to Russia for the 2018 World Cup, because it “bothered him to go to Putin”, he sees himself going to Qatar to support the Blues. “I want to see how it goes and then I like football. If France qualifies for the quarter-finals, it is not forbidden for me to go there”, he explained. By using the word “prohibited”, the host was actually referring to his homosexuality, an unrecognized and illegal sexual orientation in Qatar. “They are homophobic to death over there”, recalled Thierry Ardisson. “But I’m not going there to flirt”, then retorted his colleague.

The famous host of France 2 then continued: “That does not prevent having a thought for the people who died during the work accidents during the construction of the stadiums, for the regime, but the regime, we don’t nothing will change. Maybe basically it will allow the country to progress on some subjects. But for Thierry Ardisson, going there remains a very bad idea. “I am very worried about what will happen to him in Qatar. He’s my host (in the show ‘Hier, today, matin’ that he produces, editor’s note), I wouldn’t want him to die. What prevent Ruquier from going there in the coming weeks? Nothing is less sure…


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