Thief tries to steal purse on his motorcycle and ends up slapped on the ground

In a cowardly action, a thief on his motorcycle stops a young woman to rip off her wallet in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The girl, full of fear, starts to run while the delinquent, confident, goes through his things. Suddenly, two men appear, one of them slaps him with such force that the thug falls to the ground. The video arrived at social networks and media, becoming a trend.

The Subject was riding a motorcycle, wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt, blue trousers, a black helmet and a suitcase as used by people dedicated to delivery deliveryHe notices the young woman walking alone on the sidewalk and decides to go to meet her.

The subject, demonstrating that he dominates the vehicle he drives, he sticks to the woman in such a way that, without any problem, he allows her to rip off her wallet. However, there is a small struggle that the girl loses, which did not prevent the thief from losing control of the motorcycle by falling from it, but with the object in his hand.

The girl runs out full of fear, but halfway stops the march, notice that the subject is patiently lifting the motorcycle and tries to approach it, but when he realizes that he is fully standing, he backs up.

Yet suddenly, running at full speed, Two brothers appear, one of them wearing a cap and jacket, without thinking twice, slaps the thief. The young woman runs back to the crime scene, picks up her wallet, and runs off.

Lying on the ground, the offender is kicked by the men. These are joined by two more, who continue with the beating. The offender tries to stand up, but is knocked down on more than one occasion.

The video ends with most of the people who live on the block approaching and surrounding the thief. However, it is known that eventually The police arrived and transferred the 44-year-old criminal, whose name is still unknown, to the police station..

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