Thibault Garcia, the companion of Jessica Thivenin, has he just atomized Carla Moreau on his social networks?

As the saying goes so well: The misfortune of some is the happiness of others “. A few weeks ago, Carla Moreau made the sad decision to end her relationship with Kevin Guedj after the revelations of Belle Longwell. The ex of Bastos claims that the husband of the reality TV candidate would have cheated on his wife on the set of “The Battle of the Clans”. ” I’m ready to tell you everything… I think it’s time to announce my breakup with Kevin. I’m not telling you that I’ve been living through very complicated days lately. This situation is difficult to live with, but it is nevertheless inevitable. I’m not going to go into details, it took me time to accept it and see it clearly, learn a lot of things to realize that our paths had to separate “Wrote the pretty blonde on October 27 on her Instagram account.

A break that seems to delight some “Marseillais”. Indeed, Thibault Garcia would have violently tackled Ruby’s mother on his social networks. ” Those who have betrayed will be betrayed. To those who lied to you, we will lie. Those who deceived you will be deceived. Those who have offended you will be offended. Those who made you suffer, will suffer more. ‘Cause those are the rules of the game “, he launched in a story Snapchat without quoting Carla Moreau.

“I wanted revenge”

For her part, Maeva Ghennam also shared a similar message. ” I wanted to take revenge on some people, then when I observed their lives, I understood that God had already taken care of them “. Spikes that did not go unnoticed. Recall that the ex of Kevin Guedj had been singled out in a case of witchcraft. A scandal that caused a stir.


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