Thibault Garcia (Les Marseillais) unfaithful to Jessica Thivenin? He reacts to the rumor

We told you about it a few hours ago: Thibault Garcia was very close to a young woman on this video and internet users assumed that he had been unfaithful to Jessica Thivenin. Obviously when waking up and going on Instagram, the young dad discovered what he was saying about him. And he wasted no time in reacting to this rumor, which he denied! Thibault Garcia even explains that with Jessica Thivenin, they had a good laugh when they discovered all this on social networks. The proof with its snap that you will be able to discover by going just above.

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Thibault Garcia – Credit (s): W9

As you could see, Thibault Garcia explains that Jessica Thivenin was with him at this evening … And that from the beginning to the end. As for the young woman who was with him on the dance floor, it is simply the wife of a friend of his and Jessica Thivenin. In no case has he cheated on the mother of his children!

Thereafter, Thibault Garcia explained that it is necessary to have a solid couple when one is a public figure. Fortunately, Jessica Thivenin has 100% confidence in him not to believe what he says on the web … Especially since for the moment, she was with him at this evening and she knows very well the young woman who was with Thibault Garcia. Otherwise, Mélanie Da Cruz has taken a rant against those who say she is with Anthony Martial for her money.

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