Thibault Garcia: Jessica has him unpinned in front of the cameras!

Both are used to going to games at the end of the world and are rather comfortable with their image, aware of having an advantageous physique. But the situation changes when the cameras come to settle in your home and spy on your daily life. This does not prevent them from attracting a large audience with It’s the family !the new reality TV show airing on 6Playwhich breaks all records in this area.

But just like the other characters in this program, Laura Lempicka, Nikola Lozina or even Giuseppa, Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thévenin are not always shown in their best light. Which isn’t really a surprise. What better, indeed, than a clash to capture the attention of viewers? From this point of view, our duettists did not disappoint their public’s expectations.

When they had to leave Dubai, which has become a Mecca for influencers and French reality TV stars, the beautiful blonde ordered her companion to finish packing, when the unfortunate man already had Leewane on his arms, and n So there were none left to fold his shirts. Faced with the increasingly imperious orders of his dear and tender, who did not care about his alibi, Thierry ended up completely cracking, launching a tirade a tad lunar for Jessica: “I am one and only person”he let go, at the end of his tether. “It’s amazing to believe that I’m 40 in my body actually. You don’t realize how you are in fact, my mother’s head. You’re oppressive in fact you put the pressure on. ‘Honey, do- this, honey, do this…’ You say ‘honey’ 14,000 times a day, you gotta know. In case you didn’t know.”

A little later, in an interview, the young woman joked about this tirade in front of the camera: “The suitcases, we don’t get along, but I’m the one who packs them, so I have the last word”. A promising skirmish. Don’t miss their vacation in France…

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