Thiago’s father "Big Brother 2022" spoke after being released: what did he say

Since she began “Big Brother 2022”, Thiago appears as one of the most beloved participants by the public. His complicated life story generated a lot of empathy on social networks, something that placed him as a strong player within the most famous house in the country. However, a great controversy grew around him after the arrest of his stepfather for being denounced for gender violence after attacking one of his daughters.

The case caused surprise because the family was united after the admission of Thiago to the house. It was precisely one of her sisters who told the strong life story that they had He denounced his stepfather days later for arriving home drunk and having violent attitudes with his own family. After several weeks in jail, Julio Medina regained his freedom and broke the silence with a video clip.

Mauro Szeta He published the content on his social networks and confirmed that the man was released. Hello, I’m Julio Medina, I have just been released and I want to clarify that I want to be well with my family, begins in the short clip. Also, Thiago’s father “Big Brother 2022” complete: “I want to reunite my family. I am not a violent manI want to make that clear.”

Thiago from “Big Brother” did not find out that his father was in prison.

For his part, the journalist added important information: “He came out with a perimeter restriction and he will not be able to approach the half-sisters of the reality show participant”. Despite the problems they went through as a family, the sisters of the player from ” Big Brother” They stayed in the studios of the Telefe program at important galas.

It should be remembered that the young man from La Matanza caused great discomfort by sending a live greeting to his father on his birthday, precisely the day he was imprisoned. “We wanted to inform all of you that the production of the entire program follows the corresponding protocol that is given in these cases. We are in permanent contact with the family, giving them the support and appropriate follow-up for this delicate situation.”explained Santiago del Moro that evening

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