Thiago crossed Coti from "Big Brother" and accused her of foul play: "You told the girls that…"

Thiago He was the last eliminated from the house of “Big Brother 2022” had a very busy week first confronting Rabbit and now it was the turn of Coti, which also comes with days of problems in the corridors of Telefe. As expected, the young man from La Matanza was present in “La noche de los exs”, a cycle that takes the place of the reality show on Fridays.

In the discussion they had, it can be clearly heard how almost everyone agrees that Daniela got what she wantedhave the last three eliminated outside, while she slow dances with Agustin inside “Big Brother”. “Pestañela” assured that if he entered again, he would go for Rabbit, Coti and Thiagosomething that decanted in his outputs.

By your side, Thiago from “Big Brother 2022” He made it clear that he never told anyone that he was not going to vote for him and then ended up doing it behind his back. He even targeted his former partner: “I did not tell the Cone that I was not going to vote for him. You told the girls not to vote and you voted for them”. Far from the silence Coti defended himself: “It’s a game, there are no agreements”.

Discussion night between Thiago and Coti from “Big Brother 2022”.

In the last hours inside the house Daniela have a good time, and Nacho and Lucila are much better in bed, so the “Big” had to ask them to give their consent. Outside the house, the former players go from fight to fight and from program to program, in addition to the advertisements they carry out on their social networks since they have gained many followers.

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