They’ve had enough! EMBARGO ON BUREŠOVÁ!

About the fact that a young talented actress and singer is waiting with the chef Přemek Forejt (34) baby, whispered since January. At that time, according to the findings of Sedmička Eva magazine, she was to confide in costume designers. But the fans, and according to some sources also the creators of the ZOO series, had to wait until last month, when Eva showed off her already solid belly in the show Your Face Has a Known Voice. Until then, however, he used evasive maneuvers and false answers. “I’ve heard that I’ve been pregnant so many times that if it were true every time, I would have a kindergarten,” she claimed firmly, even though she probably already knew she was carrying a new life under her heart. And that really got some of her followers to a boil! They feel betrayed and you can tell from their comments!

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“I have such a feeling that only Evička is pregnant in the Czech Republic Burešová one of the followers on Facebook spat out. “Maybe she should be framed,” the other participant left the thread dry.

“It simply came to our notice then. He is everywhere. In meaningless series, in commercials. That’s enough, “others get upset. A certain Markéta, on the other hand, thinks that everyone is unnecessarily praising her for nothing: “Poor thing! She is probably the only one who works pregnant. I worked until the eighth month and I was on my feet every day! “ According to information from Sedmička, the implementation team of the ZOO series is also angry with Burešová. It is said that Eva also concealed her pregnancy from them, now they will have to adapt the script to her character Viktoria Janečková.

Burešová herself denies the allegations, asked the public for calm and also called on the hateful followers to stop watching her. So far, however, it seems to be without success.

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