They took mariachi bands to a granny and she reacted unexpectedly

  • It is believed that everything happened during the celebration for the grandmother’s birthday.
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Lately, the elderly are starring in scenes that in the blink of an eye are among the most prominent in various social media. Precisely, a grandmother from Mexico was caught having an unexpected reaction after her relatives brought her mariachi.

It is not confirmed, but it is believed that everything happened during the celebration of the aforementioned woman’s birthday. And it is that in the viral video uploaded to TikTok by his own grandson named Cristian (@cristian_rdz_) you can see several people gathered for a special occasion.

The granny protagonist of this story was sitting in a chair when suddenly the mariachi music began to play loudly, as the group had entered the woman’s home. However, she, at first, did not notice these people.

Watch the viral video here

@cristian_rdz_ He couldn’t turn off his alexa 🤣 #fyu #for you #fyupage #fyupageシ #laughter #alexa #grandma #granny #mty ♬ original sound – Cristian_Rdz

The unexpected reaction

That is why, as soon as he heard the music, he thought that his intelligent assistant, Alexa, had been turned on, and he expressed several times: “Alexa, turn off!”. He even stood up to try to stop the sound that he thought was coming from the device, but he couldn’t.

Due to all this, many users were amused to see the viral video and described the scene as “tender”. It is also necessary to mention that several Internet users have asked the grandson to upload the second part of the clip, where the grandmother realizes the group that her family had brought her. But so far the man has not shared it.

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