They thought that the father threw dollars at baptism and they were bills with his son’s face

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It is known that a US dollar is worth around 20 Mexican pesos and can be used to pay for various things. A partner is aware of it and that is why they decided to play a cruel joke on the guests at the baptism of their son. What type was she? They were led to believe that they would give away dollars and in the end it turned out to be several bills printed with the face of ‘Patito’.

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The names of the spouses are still a mystery, but what is known is the cruel joke that they prepared for the guests at the baptism of ‘Pato’, the conceited one of the house and who was carried by one of the grandmothers.

As observed in the audiovisual material by the user Zyanya Torresa Mexican makeup artist who constantly uploads tutorials on TikTok, the men formed a line when the father pulled out a toy gun.

Did he want to scare him or invite them to withdraw? None of the above. The subject made them believe that several American bills were going to come out of the gun and that is why, literally, they “left their lives” as if they were children and tried to collect all the candy from the piñata.

@zyanya_torres02 Hahahaha the best of Duckling’s Baptism 💙✨ #quesesoooooooooo #funny #comedy #sponge Bob #joke ♬ whoever uses this audio is normal – Ntsl

“Everyone throwing themselves for the dollars. The dollars had the face of Baby Duck”, wrote the user Zyanya, who used the famous SpongeBob audio to make it even more epic and thus have more reach in Latin America.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok and this is reflected in its figures: 678,000 views and 16,000 likes since Tuesday, August 2. Like the netizens, the guests could not help laughing when they saw that it was not the dollars that the father had promised.

What is the best gift for a baptism?

Some people choose to buy baby clothes and others usually give a blanket. It is also common for a pacifier holder to be given on this special day, including toys for the first years of life or some gold jewelry with the engraved name of the person honored or the date of the baptismal event, he details. Primary World.

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