‘They/Them’: LGBTQIA+ Terror Slasher With Kevin Bacon About Conversion Therapy Gets Trailer

THE Blumhouse and the Peacock released the official trailer for ‘They/Them’new terror slasher starring Kevin Bacon.

The feature film will reach the platform of streaming in day august 5thstill without confirmation of release in Brazil.

The story is described as a horror LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale that revolves around a conversion therapy camp and will feature Bacon as the director of that camp.

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“Bacon plays Owen Whistler, director of a conversion therapy camp called Whistler Camp, which tries to ‘turn’ LGBTQIA+ teens straight and cisgender. Playing out over the course of a week, the narrative is centered around multiple characters and led by Jordan (Theo Germaine), a trans and non-binary person who undergoes psychological tortures foreseen in the camp’s programming. When an anonymous killer begins collecting victims, the youth must band together to protect themselves, both from the serial killer and the camp staff.”

John Loganknown for his work on works such as ‘007 – Operation Skyfall’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’will make his directorial debut with the feature film.

Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, Quei Tann, Austin Crute, Monique Kim, Anna Lore, Cooper Koch and Darwin del Fabro complete the list.

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