They revealed the millionaire figure that Camila Homs asked Rodrigo de Paul per month: "He accepted everything but…"

While Rodrigo De Paul and Tini Stoessel are enjoying a little vacation in Miami, Camila Homs he made an economic claim to his ex-partner that left everyone with their mouths open for the high figures that he asked for his children, Francesca and Bautista.

The panelist of “ Show Partners“, Mariana Brey was the one who gave all the details of this orderof which he clarified that the figure is established in foreign currency because the footballer is paid in euros and to protect himself from inflation.

“They passed me the data and you have to hold on, because they are impressive. And there are so many things that they had to give me a hand because I get lost with so much number and so much property”, started on the show hosted by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrian Pallares.

“The economic compensation that is requested by way of alimony is 30,000 euros per month. Yes, 30,000 euros. That if the conversion is made at the current exchange rate, of more than 200 pesos, we are talking about 7,500,000 pesos per month. That’s the first concept, but it’s not the only one,” He added about the exact figures.

Camila Homs made a millionaire request to her ex-partner, Rodrigo De Paul.

The food quota is not the only thing that the model asks the footballer for: “He also asks for the ownership of the department they have in Puerto Madero, which is valued at 2 and a half million dollars. Also, travel to Miami several times a yearand also the possibility of going to Europe also as many times as you want. The trips have to be in business classand while in Europe accommodations in 5 star hotel and 600 euros to spend per day. The last, a 0km car renewable every two years“.

And he closed on the reaction that the flyer had to his ex-partner’s demand: “More or less he accepts everything else but considers that it has gone too far with what he asks for every month. He offered her 10,000 dollars, so the difference is about 5 million pesos per month, What is not little. What De Paul thinks is that he has to pay 30,000 euros per month for 19 years, which gives a hellish figure of almost 7 million euros“.

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