They revealed the figure requested by La China Suárez for "sing with me now": "By program they are…"

as indicated The Pavada of Chronicle Journal, China Suarez was called for “Sing with me now”, by himself Marcelo Tinelli. The actress gave him a very high cachet, almost like that of pampitaand Tinelli decided to think about it.

Now, Estefi Berardi revealed in “Mañanísima” that the girlfriend of rushing she was already confirmed as a jury and that she was going to collect a fortune.

“China Suárez is one of the confirmed ones. They already agreed. She had asked for a fortune in silver, so it was not known if they were going to say yes. He asked for a fortune: 8 million pesosBerardi said.

Then Berardi exemplified what that number consisted of: “For example. On Monday two programs are recorded and there it takes a million. They are 500 thousand pesos per program. Per month, it gives an approximate of 8 millionyes.”

“Sing with me now”: other Marcelo Tinelli juries


Estefi Berardi told that Cristian castro will close the best economic arrangement of international artists. “He asked for a figure in dollars, which is equivalent to a three-room apartment. this per month“, indicated the panelist of “Mañanísima”.

Also, Coti Sorokin, Candelaria Tinelli, Manuel Wirtz, Martin Bossi, Fatima Florez and Fernando Dente they are arming the staff.

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