They record a child dedicating a romantic room to his dog: “You are the reason that makes me live”

  • Internet users were moved to see the moving video, which has already accumulated nearly half a million views.
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There is no doubt that pets and the little ones in our homes establish strong emotional ties that favor the development of children. We see a clear example reflected in the viral video posted by account @michel.ama from the platform TikTok.

It all started when the aforementioned Internet user placed romantic sauce at high volume in her home. Suddenly, her youngest son, who was lying on the sofa next to his puppy, begins to hear “Perhaps”famous song by Puerto Rican artist Jerry Rivera.

Without thinking twice, the little boy carries his puppy in his arms and stares at him, dedicates the theme song and begins to sing to him: “You are the reason that makes me live. You are part of my life and I can not start”.

@michel.ama He loves his puppy 🥹❤️😍 #yourethereason #maybejerryrivera #fyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #viral #bulldog #pets #love ♬ original sound – Cami🥰

Faced with this unexpected moment, the woman decided to take out her mobile device to record the moving scene and then publish it on her social networks. “She loves her puppy (…) with what love she sings to him”, indicates the description of the cute clip.

“A boy and his best friend”

For its part, the reactions were not lacking and the video has already registered 327 thousand reproductions to date. Many netizens highlighted the child’s gesture. “Not even I sang to the love of my life with such intensity”, wrote a user.

While other people highlighted the affectionate relationship between the minor and his pet. “The two purest loves in the world, children and puppies”; “Stay with someone who sings to you and see how the child sees the dog”, were some of the comments.

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