"They questioned their relationship…" : Kate Middleton and William in turmoil, a decision by the prince sets fire to the powder!

It will be 11 years since Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married. It was at Westminster Abbey that the duo united for better and for worse under the eyes of thousands of viewers. The event was broadcast internationally. For several weeks, the media around the world talked about it all over the place. Together, the couple weathered countless storms.

In 2019, Kate Middleton ignores rumors about her husband and Rose Hanbury. At the time, many tabloids claim that the main interested parties are lovers. When the Megxit shakes the Crown in 2020, the Cambridges appear more united than ever. On a daily basis, Kate Middleton and Prince William delight the English as soon as they appear publicly with their three children George, Charlotte and Louis. Over time, the lovebirds learned to trust each other.

The Middleton clan shunned by Prince William

We can say that in 2007, they separated to find each other better. To believe the Daily Express, a decision by the prince a year earlier would have greatly shocked the new Princess of Wales. Indeed, Prince Harry’s brother would have simply refused to spend New Year’s Eve with the Middleton clan. A refusal that would have set fire to the powder.

“They questioned their relationship and wondered what they wanted for the future,” explained crowned heads expert Angela Mollard in the podcast Royals in 2019. Very upset, Kate Middleton would have tried to look good… Not without difficulty. For his part, Prince William aspired to more freedom. Then in April 2007, the two ex-students of St-Andrews broke up to everyone’s surprise. Still according to our colleagues, the future king of England would have taken the lead… By telephone. For the Mirror, a former colleague of Kate Middleton assured that the latter would have fallen from above. The daughter-in-law of King Charles III is said to have “the pennies hanging with his laptop in the parking lot outside the office” and ” come back “ silent before “disappear for the rest of the day”.


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