They propose to a woman during her father’s funeral: “lack of respect”

a shepherd of South Africa He has been harshly criticized on social networks after being caught proposing to a woman during her father’s funeral and a few meters from the deceased’s coffin. The recording, published in TikTokwent viral with more than 280 thousand reproductions.

“Proposing to the daughter of the deceased right at the funeral. Wiping tears there and there,” reads the bottom of the clip, uploaded a week ago by the fiancé himself who identifies himself as @m.mojela.

depending on the medium the pastor was directing the ceremony when from one moment to another he decided to kneel to ask for the hand of the woman who did not stop crying for the loss of her relative.

The fact took the guests by surprise, who were shocked and shouted at the unexpected scene.

The clip ends with the pastor putting the respective ring on the woman’s finger, who seems to have accepted the proposal.

Viral video of a pastor who proposed to his partner during his father’s funeral

@m.mojela ♬ original sound – M.Mojela

During his speech, the subject thanked God “for being in his girlfriend’s life during such a difficult time”. He also said that he hoped his proposal would “help him come to terms with the passing of his father.”

The controversial clip generated a large number of reactions, being the majority of disapproval: “This here is WRONG… No matter how you may try to justify it”; “This is not the right time”; “Lack of respect at all levels”, were some comments generated after the publication.

Nevertheless, there were those who chose to defend the pastor’s decision: “He is trying to create memories, nothing wrong here”; “That’s him saying maybe you lost a father but I’ll be with you to get through this, that’s love guys.”

There were even those who claimed that the man had originally wanted to propose to his partner with the father present and that this was his indirect way of keeping his word.

How to comfort someone who has lost a parent

The death of a parent is often one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. Trying to comfort someone who has lost their father can be a difficult process and also a relief. Grieving people need love and one of the most important things you can do is let them know that they are not alone.

  • Take into account the signs of the person who is grieving. Listen to her if he wants to talk, or sit quietly next to her if she doesn’t want to. If she asks for a distraction (“I just have to get out of this house!”), take her somewhere. Let the grieving person set the pace that is right for them.
  • Accept the person’s pain no matter what form it takes. Some people become sad and isolated after the death of their loved one. Others feel abandoned or angry. Grief over the loss of a parent is an individual experience. There is no model. Accept that his pain is unique to him and that there is no right or wrong way to express it.
  • Prepare for mood swings. The death of one of the parents causes profound mood swings. The person who loses a loved one may seem hopelessly sad one day and angry the next. The death of a parent can be one of the most catastrophic events in a person’s life. A varied range of emotions is likely to be present. Don’t let that scare you.
  • Let the person know how much you care. You can convey it with words or with a touch, send flowers to the funeral home or bring her a homemade meal. Let him know that he is important to you and that he is not alone. Don’t worry about not knowing what to say. Sometimes a small kind gesture is more effective than words.
  • Measure your words. People who are not sure what to say often use clichés. This may sound callous to a person in deep pain. Before addressing a grieving person, think carefully about how the words would sound to you in that situation. Avoid the “funeral talk.” Speak simply and from the heart or don’t.
  • Give him time to grieve. Some people may be ready to resume normal activities in a short period of time, while others may take months or years to return to social activities. Pain has no program, but takes as long as it takes. Give the person as much time as they need.

What is the difference between wake and funeral?

according to the website the wake It is a ceremony that usually takes place prior to a funeral, at the home of the deceased or at a funeral home. The wake can have different elements, since differences Cultural events are celebrated differently not only between countries or states, but also between cities themselves.

What is watching a person?

To ensure It consists of making a guard to accompany a deceased, take care of someone who is sick or protect property. The verb can also refer to carrying out an activity at night, during the time usually spent sleeping, the website specifies. .

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