They lose their mother on New Year’s Day, six months after the death of the father, who died of cancer: “The four children are devastated, it’s complicated”

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In May 2021, Darren O’Neill, 45, lost his battle with liver cancer, leaving behind Helen, 40, and their four children. Sadly, the mum passed away under hitherto unknown circumstances on New Years Eve. Erin, 19, Darren, 15, Riley, 10 and Robbie, 7, are now orphans after losing both parents in seven months.

Family friend Jonathan Agnew from Northern Ireland decided to start a fundraising fund to bring some positive to the lives of his children: “The funds will be used to help the family cover the costs of the day-to-day. If they are sufficient, we would like to offer the children an outing day away from home. “

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Not having to think about the money

In total, nearly € 15,000 have been collected at the present time on a GoFundMe page, a weak compensation for his children who lost everything: “The couple leaves behind devastated children and a terrible disorder, it is complicated. We have tried to arrange for the children to be taken care of, and it is now settled. “

Indeed, Darran’s daughter-in-law is now taking care of the children with her father Ciaran, and they have moved into the small family’s house. Jonathan says, “I want Erin and Ciaran to be able to focus on the kids and not have to worry about financial worries. It would be a good thing less for them to manage. “

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