They leaked photos of Alpha from "Big Brother" naked and Yanina Latorre said: "it is not graceful"

Alpha from “Big Brother 2022” gains a lot of prominence in the reality show telefe and not only for being the only participant in “GH” that it has been on four out of five nomination plates, but also because of the crosses it has had with other competitors. Some days ago, had a strong discussion with La Tora by a bullying situation with Coti. Now the player He was filmed while he was changing his underwear in the room and Yanina Latorre exposed him.

The panelist of THE M came across the photo of the participant of “Big Brother 2022” without clothes on Twitter and shared his opinion in the cycle of America. “I sent a photo to Nazarena Vélez de Alfa naked”, he started saying. “The lord is not graceful. Nazarena likes to see penises”, Shooting Yanina Latorre with a smile and without filter. Outraged, her partner asked her to be more conservative with her comments: “Bocha (his partner) is watching me, I ask you please. Don’t make me separate”he replied between laughs.

This is not the first time that the production ofl reality filLove the participants of the reality show in private moments. A couple of weeks ago, Juliet was filmed topless during a live program of telefe by mistake of the cameramen, generating all kinds of reproaches on social networks. Furthermore, the cameras broadcast on Pluto TV moments in which Maxi and Juliana had sex in the property’s spaimages that went viral in a matter of seconds.

Juliana and Maxi are spicier every day

This week’s elimination gala promises to be controversial. After four weekly challenges, they were left as leaders Rabbit Y Nacho, who won immunity and the chance to save one of the nominees. The list consisted of Alpha, The Torah, Juliana Y Maria Laura. The last mentioned was selected by the winning duo and is out of danger of leaving the game.

Later, explained the reasons why they decided not to save the other participants from “GH”. Augustine’s friend He was left on a plaque for not having an affinity with them, Lucilla was not saved by pure strategy, something that surprised everyone, since recently, Nacho and she kissed on a fiery night. Finally, she was GH’s Tiniwho represented a difficult decision, since Rabbit He is very close to her.

Alpha naked in “Big Brother 2022”.

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