They hired him to take photos at the event and he ends up shooting the pet

  • He goes to a party with his friends and when he returns he serenades his girlfriend to bed
  • They make him believe that he will be a father on his birthday and his reaction goes around the world: “he saw his life go by”

A picturesque scene has become viral in TikTok and generated funny comments about it. A family hired the services of a photographer to capture the best moments of an event, but when they did not see him doing his work, they looked for him all over the patio and found him caressing the pet, who allowed himself to do a session for his lens.

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As seen in the material shared by the acronym who curiously was the photographer of the event, a family requested his services for a large event, but gave higher priority to the pet, a golden retriever.

“Let them inside better”wrote the subject, who was caught performing a dog photo shoot, who seemed to ‘pose’ for his lens. The young man walked away from the guests for a moment when he saw that there was nothing interesting to capture and found the best model of him in the pet.

As stated above, the clip was uploaded by the photographer himself, a native of Costa Rica and a graphic designer by profession, and quickly went viral on the TikTok platform: 4 million views and 970 thousand likes since Sunday, June 19 .

In a second video, the young man showed the results of the session to the pet and even the short interview he conducted. “He told us only what was necessary and nothing more”ironically the man, who was grateful to the family for requiring his services and having such a polite pet.

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