They go to a disco, spend more than 15 thousand dollars and argue about not knowing how to pay the bill

Sometimes a celebration among friends can get out of control or exceed all established limits; as is the case that we present to you in the following lines. After an outing, a group of young people spent more than $ 15,000 in one night. The history it was published in TikTok and the video it did not take long to do viral.

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For the user Laura Aguirre (), who has about 30 thousand followers, things did not go as planned, because he shared a recording titled “I just went out to dinner” where she shows how she and her friends argued when they found out how much they should pay in a Jalisco bar.

Through a voiceover, the young Mexican indicates in her clip that everything is ‘hee’, ‘haha’, until the bill comes “. Seconds later, the woman focuses the account payable for 33 thousand 840 pesos (16 thousand 340 US dollars), a figure that represents the consumption of dozens of drinks and beverages.


I just went out to dinner 👀

♬ Everything is jiji and haha ​​until the bill arrives – Karel

“They would have started a business”

As expected, the curious video of @lauuraaguirreh went all over the internet and exceeded 4 million views. In addition, the publication has more than 600 thousand reactions on the TikTok platform.

For their part, netizens wrote comments such as “With that they would have put up a very bad business” ,; “I and the panas put 100 pesos each and we have food and money left over”; “Not even that cost my house”; “I was saving for a car and in one night they spent what I have saved”, among others.

When is Friends’ Day celebrated?

The United Nations General Assembly confirmed that every July 30 is celebrated the International Friendship Day, in honor of that disinterested feeling that is capable of uniting very different people and building bonds of solidarity.

What TikTok?

TikTok, known in China as Douyin, is a social media platform used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres such as dance, comedy, and education.

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