They found Ricardo Iorio’s father dead with a shot in the chest

This Friday morning it was known that he passed away Alfredo Iorio, Ricardo Iorio’s father, at 81 years old. His daddy’s wife, Margarita Rodriguez, was the person who found him lifeless lying in the matrimonial bed. In addition, he was the one who notified the police and minutes later the musician.

According to officials who are in the place, the man would have taken his own life. On the floor of the victim’s room they found a double barrel pistol. When the police were notified, so was SAME, but the only thing the doctors could do was verify that the father of the former V8 leader had died.

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Regrettably, Alfredo had lost his vision due to his diabetes and was experiencing severe depression. As reported Infobae, the shot hit the left side of the chest, at the level of the heart.

For the moment, the singer did not speak on the subject. Anyway it was commissioned on his Twitter account of retweet condolence messages sent to you the different artists and their fans. Tweets of support, strength and photos fill his account of the little bird.

Ricardo Iorio on stage performing his songs.

Although the musician was involved in several controversies in recent times, their differences were put aside and he is focused on his father.

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