They assure that the audios of Wanda Nara are old: I would continue with Mauro Icardi

On Wednesday, August 3, an audio of Wanda Nara was leaked telling her domestic worker that she asked Mauro Icardi for a divorce. From that moment, different speculations began to emerge.

One of them is that the message that came to light is old and would be from last yearwhen the footballer had been with the China Suarezaccording to what the influencer published “Ker’s Gossip”. What What was striking was the attitude of the businesswoman when she decided not to talk about the subject.

In the meantime, Mauro Icardi from Paris denies the rumors of separation on his social networks. There he was sharing phrases and videos of the couple as if nothing had happened. Despite her gestures, Wanda Nara does not give “I like it” to any of your posts.

At the moment, the real situation of what the couple is facing is unknown. Currently the businesswoman is focused on her work and organizing everything to be part of “Who is the mask?”.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi before the separation rumors.

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