They accuse Wanda Nara of stealing a design in her bikini line: the photos

During the last few weeks, Wanda Nara is the focus of much news for his scandal with Mauro Icardi, as a result of the footballer’s encounter with the China Suarez in Paris. However, a new controversy includes it and could end in a judicial instance in what could be a possible fraud.

One of the novelties in the life of the businesswoman is that is close to launching its first bikini line. For this reason, he presented “Wanda Swim” and showed the first design. Until then, there was no problem but an entrepreneur detected a peculiarity in the model published by the sister of Zaira Nara.

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Is about Luciana Danduono, owner of the Bumbai Bikinis brand. Through a story on his personal Instagram account, he made no secret of his surprise to discover that the design shared by Wanda was identical to one of hers. “I am in shock. Wanda copied us the ingrid bikini but just like that. Exact copy “, wrote for the first time.

The surprise of the entrepreneur for the plagiarism of Wanda Nara.

Furthermore, he added: “I expected it from a small entrepreneur but not from her. It is our design”. Of course, this caused a lot of excitement in a few minutes, so it was expanded on in a video. “It is a mine that a designer can afford, I can’t believe it. I know I can’t do anything because I have to patent the models but no, impunity blocks “, he detailed.

Finally, he decided to share the images that show the similarities and reveal the Wanda Nara. For her part, the businesswoman continues to use her Instagram account to spread her products although she has not yet referred to the new scandal she could face.

The comparison between the bikini that Wanda Nara climbed and the original one.

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