These new testimonies that undermine Benjamin Azoulay and his failed injections

A few days ago, Benjamin Azoulay was invited on the set of Do not touch My TV in order to defend himself after the accusations of six women. The latter accused him of having committed serious faults during operations or aesthetic injections.

I get up very early in the morning, since I chose a job where I operate at 7.30 a.m. every day, I finish at 9 p.m. on average in the evening, so yes of course, there are mornings when I loose head. I’m not always fresh, that means I have a tired head, that I mark, I have dark circles, etc. But would I go to operate in a daze? These are words that are slanderous” found Tara Damiano’s ex-boyfriend.

Several reality TV candidates have testified against him such as Emilie Amar or Luna Skye who told about his intervention which ended in a serious infection: “The doctor was among the guests, I did not know him. The next day, he had to give injections to a friend. He had some product left, he offered some to me. I hesitated, the place was not sterile, but he repeated that there was no risk. He injected me in one of the rooms”.

New patients testify against the surgeon and accuse

Less than a week after the six previous complainants, seven new testimonies were collected against Benjamin Azoulay. This Friday, May 13, 2022, The Parisian explained that among the women, a nurse who worked with him spoke.

Between infected breasts and buttocks or a nose that no longer allowed to breathe… many have paid the damage of these failed operations. Thus, one of them paid 5000 euros so that the famous doctor removes a bump from under her nose. Five months later, she realizes that compresses had been forgotten under her skin. As a result, she will have to undergo a cartilage graft while another patient has a deviated nasal septum. Implants would have returned as well. For his part, Benjamin Azoulay cries out for vendetta …


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