“These measures are the best way to avoid having to go further …”: De Croo understands the disappointment of the population, “I am also disappointed …”

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“I understand people’s disappointment. I am also disappointed, because I thought I was living a different fall than what we see. Having to apply measures makes life more complicated, but they are measures that do not target a sector; which frame activities and do not prohibit them. If we apply them well and if we use a little common sense, this will be the best way to avoid having to go further… ”

To have to reconfine then?

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“We will see what these measures lead to, I do not know the future… It is the best guarantee to be able to celebrate Christmas and the New Year differently than last year. A year ago, everything was closed. Here, nothing is, these measures allow us to continue living. Regarding teleworking, we have nevertheless taken into account the difficulties encountered in the past: it is no longer at 100%, we can return to work one day a week and two days from mid-December. “

Do you really think we can have normal parties?

“Last year, we were talking about one person, it was really a very small committee… It is reasonable to think that it will be different this year, but I do not have a crystal ball. The only thing that can be done in addition to the measurements is to get vaccinated for those who have not yet been vaccinated. And do the third dose. We administered 900,000 and we will speed up. “

➜ “We will not convince people by the vaccination obligation. What are we going to do ? Secure them in a seat and forcibly vaccinate them? “

➜ Does the “2G” to enter a place (be vaccinated or cured, exit the tests) find favor in your eyes? It answers that question and many more here.

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