These are the 3 perfect HBO MAX series to watch alone


The streaming platform offers productions in its catalog that you don’t necessarily have to watch in company. Review the complete list and vote for your favorite!

The ideal series to watch alone within the HBO Max catalog.
© GettyThe ideal series to watch alone within the HBO Max catalog.

You have probably enjoyed entire series with friends, family or a partner. The truth is that following the episodes of these fictions available on streaming platforms streaming make the experience unique. And it is that commenting on the story or finding a moment in common with your affections, without a doubt enriches the plan. But hbo max It also has a few proposals in its catalog that, from Spoiler, we suggest you enjoy alone.

Although it is not impossible, it is complex to follow series with numerous chapters. This is why you could opt for miniseries to watch in company and reserve those longer productions to watch at your own pace. In the next list, we review 3 fictions recognized by critics that will undoubtedly captivate you from the first episode and that you will be grateful to have enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

+ HBO Max series to watch alone


– Barry

It started in 2018 and got 30 Emmy Award nominations. We talk about Barrythe HBO comedy created by Alec Berg and bill hader. The story focuses on Barry Berman, a hit man who suffers from depression but who suddenly decides to go into the world of acting. Without a doubt, this series will catch you completely. This is why we suggest you watch it alone: ​​this way, you can marathon the three seasons at your own pace and you won’t depend on anyone else.

– Friends

If it’s comedy, a series available on HBO Max that you shouldn’t miss is friends. Its plot revolves around a group of friends who live in New York and who go through all kinds of conflicts. His humor has marked a before and after in the history of productions of this style, so the best recommendation is to avoid distractions and focus on his clever jokes so as not to miss any of them. Yes indeed! Then you will need to discuss everything with your friends.

– Secrets of a Marriage

Although a couple is the protagonist of this story, it is best that you enjoy its chapters alone to be able to reflect on similar situations in your life. Is about Secrets of a Marriagethe series starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac which presents a new version of Ingmar Bergman’s classic. Without a doubt, it will move you to tears and help you rethink your position on romantic bonds, monogamy and divorce.

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